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An overview on the world leaders companies that build security, technology and transportation for winter fun. They are based in the Dolomites area and around. TechnoAlpin, Leitner, FAR, Redaelli, Alpina, Prinoth

Marco, 33, works with his partner in her pet shop – This photo portraits him with his girlfriend Monica and his father Armando. Four years go, Marco started his FtM transition. “Even when I was a child I looked like a boy, the physical appearence has helped me. I've had some relationships with girls but I couldn't feel the real me. I wanted to have a relationship with a woman as a man. My father understood the situation and took me to a psychologist. But it's only in 2011, thanks to a TV show, I saw the story of a FtM person and I understood that I was ready to begin my journey.”


Italy is the EU country where transgender people are discriminated the most. The transition path conducted in Italy is very long and tiring. This project collects in diptych portraits of those who have decided to tell their stories to help those people that today, as they did in the past, are having troubles relating to […]



The landscape around Baku is marked by characteristic micro pipelines, which distribute the gas and which draw at gate of access to private lots, already built or prepared for an upcoming construction. Azerbaijani is the gas that will stoke Italy in the next decade. TAP – Trans Adriatic Pipeline will be connected to the network […]

sidewalk gardens


Japanese gardens like example of a strong bond with the nature. In Tokyo the sidewalk too is a occasion for have a garden, a potted plants composition that the owners attend with Zen care.