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Film & Television Indian Institut just is 50. Today the FTII is considered as a Center of Excellence not only in India but also in Asia and Europe. Films made by the students of the Institute are entered in festivals both in India and abroad. Many of them have won National and International awards. Established […]



Since 2000 Tuareg are present in Italy, they come from Agadez’s region in Niger. In Pordenone’s area there is the largest community of Tuareg in Europe. They are 50 people and for they living in the same city is an important element that helping their to keep alive culture and traditions.

Alla Lanterna


The wall that separates men from women. “Alla lanterna”, a busy bath of city centre, is known for the wall that separates men from women since the late 1800s. A unique place in all Europe. This is the most popular beach in the city, maybe also for the ticket price: 0,8 € daily!



In 1992 was denied a Trans girl to participate in the Miss Italy contest. In that year it was established the Miss Italy Trans an idea of Regina and Anastasia for gives the opportunity at the Trans to compete in a beauty contest. The initiative was also established to raise awareness of this reality often […]

sidewalk gardens


Japanese gardens like example of a strong bond with the nature. In Tokyo the sidewalk too is a occasion for have a garden, a potted plants composition that the owners attend with Zen care.



Japanese restaurants exposed throughout their windows fresh sushi, sashimi set, tempura, rice, ice-cream and other dish but it’s a plastic’s food, it’s looks like the real food. Consumers peruse restaurants display and glass case, they are attracted by fake whit a good resemblance. Models of food were first made in Japan in 1917 whit wax. […]



Fujisan (3.776 m) is the most top and popular mountain of Japan. The Fuji’s top for 10 months is considering from the authority very dangerous: altitude, ice, low temperature, strong wind and snow are the mix for recommend to the people the full equipment for climb it. Every year, during the summer season, from 1 […]



9h a urban hotel in the traditional Kyoto. A simple design for a new definition of sleep and stay in a capsule hotel. One hour to take a shower + seven hours to sleep + one hour to get yourself dressed.



The abandonment of military facilities in the Friuli Venezia Giulia is a unique phenomenon in Europe for quality and extension. Italian border region and border region of the Western world: these are the conditions that have led the Friuli Venezia Giulia to become the most militarized region of Italy. From the Peace of Vienna of […]